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I'm developing affordable Carbon Fiber Camera Rails, follow the progress at the
Cinema5D thread And join the mailing list for updates.

Coming soon: a $60 DIY Jib which anyone can build in 10 minutes from parts all from home depot. Video coming just as soon as i figure out a minor logistic :)

Featured Video: DIY $14 camera slide


Featured Video: Steadicam/Stabilizer Sizzle Reel (EX1 & 5D)

What is going on in my life?

2010 has been an interesting year so far. Right off the bat i was higherd to shoot some fashion week coverage, and that was quite interesting not to mention very well paying.

Almost immediatly after that the stories of what the Queens International Film Festival did, and if you didn't hear, they basically took the money and ran... So that motivated me to start my own Film Festival, one which was truely useful to filmmakers.

So after the festival finally stops dominating my life after June 6th, i'll have a number of other projects that i want to see completed for this year. For one, I need to finish my technical book on digital filmmaking.
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Me on FilmSnobbery talking about the festival


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